Ecobank ghana forex rates

ecobank ghana forex rates

from the Ghana Post Office for immediate transfer of money to or out of Ghana. Beware: withdrawing foreign currency from a foreign currency account fed by transfers or cheques will a fee.5. We have heard that Standard Chartered Bank has stopped cashing T/C's. US and other foreign currency accounts are also available. New Ghana Cedi notes are since in denominations of 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and.

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ecobank ghana forex rates

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Although not as good as the transfer exchange rate, note that the cash rate your bank will offer you for purchasing foreign currency from Cedis in your account might be better than a negotiated rate in the best forex bureau. As an example, sending 18,000 euros to a euro account in Europe ended up costing 265 euros in total fees. 4 regulating forex accounts and operations. The monthly fee is GHS. Choose the most affordable ATM card unless you wish to pay with a local visa cards for various expenses in Ghana. Coins are in denominations of 1 Cedi and 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 pesewas. Should you maintain a certain balance, require no specific services and use ATMs of the bank only, a personal account (sometimes called savings even so it is not) should be nearly free of charge. Foreign Exchange Credit cards All main banks have ATMs you can use your card to get local currency. Ask reliable suitable Ghana sources who may know one or more.

VAT and nhil The government charges a 15 percent Value-Added-Tax plus.5 percent National Health Insurance Levy on most imports, all consumer purchases, services, accommodation in hotels and guest houses, food in restaurants, hotels and snack bars, as well as advertising, betting and entertainment. See our live exchange table on the lower right side of every page of the website (except on the real estate and travel sections). Or call: Visa: or MasterCard: American Express: Discover: Foreign Exchange Travelers cheques Surprisingly, travelers cheques do not come handy in Ghana and can be changed in rare locations in Accra only. Should you not wish to change at a changer or at your bank, you may be met by a money changer. Foreign Exchange Cash, foreign exchange - Credit Cards, travellers Checks.

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