Forex strategies full time reddit

forex strategies full time reddit

over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity Albert Einstein. If you feel like Forex is negatively effecting your daily life, then youre approaching it wrong and you need to remedy this Ive seen people get consumed by the markets and its hard to bounce back. I'm 17 and I've been trying to learn forex for about 6 months. Its no surprise Forex trading draws a lot of interest It looks like an easy way out. What indicators are best? Its like channeling sunlight through a magnifying glass.

The general advice is to stay away from binaries. Yes there are traders who blindly ignore one of the other but a truly well rounded trader should understand and implement both into the analysis. Forex is the opposite, the more hours you spend in front of the chart, the less success you are likely to see. How many hours on average do you spend in front of the charts every day? They will require much less willpower and begin to feel automatic.

Your strategy can be manual,. Forums m/ p. How do I start developing a strategy?

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