Hull moving average trading strategy

hull moving average trading strategy

values ensures harmonious smoothing of HMA: the value of the "period" parameter participates in the calculation of the Hull moving average, and the value of the square root of the actual data for the current period is used. There are several modifications of indicator, but it is usually recommended to use indicator HMA Arrow: Trade indicator signals. Slow Trend Fast Trend are in a bearish mode). HMA indicator line operates as a normal average - the color, direction and angle of inclination are estimated. Check that all three conditions have been triggered before entering a sell. If the slope starts to point up, get ready to buy. Setup: Variables: (i) Slow_HMA_Length; (ii) Fast_HMA_Length Fast_HMA_Index Slow_HMA_Length. Optimal parameters and colors are shown in the diagram below.

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hull moving average trading strategy

Indicator Hull Moving Averages is installed in usual way and contains a set of parameters that is traditional for the moving average: price type, period and method of calculating the average, number of bars for price shift relative to the current one. If a bullish candle opens and closes above the upper sea-green line of the Envelopes (20) indicator. Use Hull moving average indicator without additional filters not recommended. The hama_ indicator on the other hand uses a 2-color visualization (red and blue) to deliver sell and buy signals respectively. Exit: Hull Moving Average Exit: Long Trades: A sell at the open is placed when Slow Trend or Fast Trend (Defined in the Setup) is no longer bullish. The Hull-moving-average (144) almost removes lag and tries to enhance smoothing in one clean swoop. Concept: Trend following trading strategy based on low lag moving averages. To effectively use HMA indicator as the main trend tool, it must be combined with oscillators (Stochastic, RSI, ADX or, for example, with popular macd. This tools main weakness lies in how it is calculated; because it is an average computed using prices from the past, a simple moving average will lag current price activity. When the Fast_HMA turns downwards, the fast trend is bearish:.e.