Exchange rate for customs purposes

exchange rate for customs purposes

Article 169 (1) and (2) of the Implementing Provisions the rates of exchange of foreign currencies against Bulgarian lev recorded and published on the BNB on the second-last Wednesday become the rates to be used for customs purposes during. XML, download current exchange rates of exotic currencies. GBP.278 HKD.893 HRK.477 HUF 100.991 CHF.713.11.20.493 ILS.162 INR 100.007 ISK 100.813 JPY 100.126 KRW 100.001 MXN.173 MYR. Rates of Exchange for Customs purposes from.02.2008. THE rates OF exchange FOR customs purposes. AUD.076, bGN.205, bRL.121, cAD.334, cNY.267, dKK.462, eUR.830. Exchange rates of exotic currencies for November 2018. EUR_spec Article 48 Paragraph /2447 - for purposes other than ad valorem duty (not determined customs value Kg, Ltr).849 list of home based online jobs worldwide EUR_limit Article 48 Paragraph /2447 - Exchange rate for setting limits (10 EUR 270 CZK).021 1 Also available: Are you satisfied with.

Annex, for customs entries accepted by customs the above period the following rates of exchanges are to be used when any foreign currency amount has to be converted to Bulgarian lev in the determination of the value for customs purposes. The rules regarding the rates of exchange to be used in determining the customs value of imported goods are set out in Article 35 of the Council Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92 of establishing the Community Customs Code (CC) and Articles 168 to 172 of the. South African Rand.20.85, swedish Kroner.20.95 Swiss Franc.70.90 UAE Dirham.75.50 US Dollar.70.00 Japanese Yen (100).65.25. AED.236 AFN 100.700 ALL 100.754 AMD 100.719 ANG.939 AOA 100.446 ARS.627 AWG.939 AZN.527 BAM.253 BBD.462 BDT 100.336 BHD.790 BIF 100.288 BMD.902. 02 November, 2018, currency, import, export. If the rate recorded on BNB differs (above or below) by 5 or more from the rate in use for customs valuation purposes, this new rate replaces the rate in use according to the provisions in Article 171(1) and (2) of the Implementing Provisions. Kuwait Dinar 251.05 235.30, newzealand Dollar.85.45, norwegian Kroner.95.60, pound Sterling.55.25, qatari Riyal.95.65, south Arabian Riyal.30.10, singapore Dollar.35.50. Australian Dollar.80.45, bahraini Dinar 202.20 189.80, canadian Dollar.25.20, chinese Yaun.75.45, danish Kroner.45.05, euro.35.30, hong Kong Dollar.60.25.