Backtest trading strategy thinkorswim

backtest trading strategy thinkorswim

trading strategy or your option trading strategy. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Maybe you would have taken that job offer, married your high school sweetheart, or passed on drinking that expired milk? It lets you replay past trading days to evaluate your trading skill with historical data. And what youre going to do here is place backtrades and see what profit or loss would have occurred as the option matures.

backtest trading strategy thinkorswim

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You can let the tick data run and pause it whenever you want, or fast-forward to another date/time to see how your profit and loss is affected. You can see on this yen dollar exchange rate chart side the calls and you can see on this side the puts, or the put options. So the first thing you need to notice is that the open P L on the backtrade window. Once you click OnDemand, parts of your thinkorswim platform will turn orange as a visual indicator that youre not trading live moneybut paper money. So this trade or this specific trade on a weekly basis was a good idea and a good setup. You can use thinkOnDemand to test your mettle against some of the toughest market conditions. Your account info box will turn into a control panel of sorts as pictured: figure 2, your account moves into virtualization mode.

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