C# get forex data from api

c# get forex data from api

Sample Code Here is a minimalistic example to access the API without the API wrapper: var https require https t( hostname: 'm path: headers: Authorization: 'Bearer ' MY_API_KEY, function(response) if (atusCode 200) response. The API endpoint and its parameters for getting these currency values is as follows t/api/live? World-Class Tech Support, our technical support team is great at giving you exactly the information that you need, when you need. Once it is validated that there is a change in the data, the server stores the new currency values in an internal list and publishes the data on a PubNub channel for updating all client dashboards. Thinking Beyond Fintech has emerged as one of the most promising industries in the recent years, thanks to smartphones. For this, the application uses the Quartz library available under C#. Exchange Rates are delivered in lightweight json Format. From instant stock updates to realtime financial data analytics, PubNub provides a resilient and best in class data stream network for streaming financial data across applications. Void currencyLabel, Dictionary string, decimal currencyObj, int TimeStamp ) int arrayCount 0; bool isSameValue false; /Get the count of historical values stored arrayCount unt getting the length of an array(for usdeur, usdaud, usdcny, usdinr) if (arrayCount 1) isSameValue - 1 currencyObjcurrencyLabel; if (!isSameValue) if (arrayCount. Time LastTimeStamp; trendjson trendjson, DisplayReturnMessage, DisplayErrorMessage /End of PublishTrend Data Format Data format of app request is as follows "name "EUR", "requestType 1 Here name contains the currency code for which the request is being sent and requestType contains the value 0 (for counter) and.

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c# get forex data from api

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Client Setup Client dashboard is built on top of simple html5 JavaScript, as a web app. Finally the time parameter contains the unix timestamp of the currency value update from CurrencyLayer API. Just make a request using the simple URL Structure, and let our API do the rest. Since it relies on PubNub for delivering messages from the server, we need to initialize the PubNub JavaScript SDK in the client. CurrencyLayer API Setup, in order to get currency data, we have to sign up for m, aPI trade allowance pricing strategy access. For this application we have chosen to display four currencies against USD (United States Dollar). Routine Polling of Currencylayer API, the server application polls the CurrencyLayer API every one hour to fetch the latest currency rates.