Romancing the price forex factory

romancing the price forex factory

this gift (4x multiplier) Classic Companions You can regain. How Influence Works, with Fallen Empire, affection has being changed to influence. Gift rarity: Green Premium, Blue Prototype, Pink Artifact, Purple Legendary. Annihilator T4-1D (Revenge Alliance Pack) Like: Technology Favourite: Love: Maintenance Bogstalker (gemini Alliance Pack) Like: Military Gear Favourite: Love: Delicacies. TY-4N (Scavenger Alliance Pack) Like: Technology Favourite: Love: Maintenance Mawvorr (Scavenger Alliance Pack) Like: Military Gear Favourite: Love: Delicacies. Your previous affection capped companions are now influence rank 10 and you have to bring them up to the new maximum influence rank again. This chart shows the gift preferences as the classic companions. Empire (Artwork Delicacies, Consumable Maintenance) Note: Kaliyo and Torian has difference gift preference as an agent/bounty hunter companion vs KoTFE alliance companion. Update with.0.3: Artwork gifts are now called Delicacies and Consumable gifts are now called Maintenance. The values are assuming you do not have the character perk that increase the values. Courting Like: Talos Drellik, M1-4X, Nico Okarr, Z0-0M, Vette, Bowdarr, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Master Ranos, Wampa Favorite:Master Ranos (Romance) Love: Cultural Artifact Like: Koth Vortena, Scorpio, Theron Shan, Nico Okarr, Aric Jorgan, Guss Tuno, Z0-0M, Rusk, Gault, Broonmark, Torian, Master Ranos Favorite: Senya Tirall, T7-01.

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Your companions will lose their previous crafting bonuses and ubs fx trading platform gear but they now gain new bonuses based on their influence rank. Wampa (Life Day Cartel Market) Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy Favorite : Weapon Love : Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia K1-Z3N (Eternal Command Pack) Like: Technology Favourite: Love: Maintenance Special Companions Master Ranos (Dark vs Light Companion) Like: Military Gear, Courting, Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy. Rank 6 Prototype and Artifact level Delicacies and Maintenance Gifts are available from the Jawa Scrap vendor in Cartel Bazaar section of fleet in exchange for the matching type of Jawa Scraps Rank 6 Legendary Gifts are available from a vendor Odessen Cantina for 250k. How to use the charts Find out what your companion like, favourite AND love. Favourite : Cultural Artifact Love :Luxury T7-01 Like: Military Gear, Weapon Favourite :Republic Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Maintenance Love : Technology Theron Shan Like: Weapon, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, Trophy Favourite :Underworld Good Love : Technology Romance: Love Courting Torian Cadera Like: Technology, Cultural Artifact, Underworld Good. The value listed there are thresholds so for example Influence Rank 16 would use IRank 15 as it just crossed that threshold. The influence ranks (IRanks) listed here are thresholds so a companion of the rank 14 for example would receive the same gift values as a rank 10 companion and a companion of the rank 45 would get same gift values as a rank 40 companion. Find out your companion influence rank in the Companion Contacts Window.